No 9 Infinity - Love Warriors

Image of No 9 Infinity - Love Warriors

Another striking print from Love Warriors in Sweden. No 9 Infinity is a collaboration between Love Warriors and Swedish photographer Ela Strand and the Swedish designer Anna Scholz Amouei.

Such a thought provoking piece and I'm sure it will invoke different feelings in each person that views it. It is one of the reason I love art, it has the ability to mean something completely different to each individual and affect them on a completely different level!

Love Warriors says about this piece - Love ties us together. My love, my child, my blessings The beat of hearts makes the world go round Into eternity… Just beautiful!

Coming in size 30 x 40cm, this print is unframed but will fit standard size frames.

Each LW print comes embossed with their stamp to prove authenticity of each piece.

For all European orders (outside the UK), please choose France from the shipping method.