About Me!

Prints and homeware have always been a passion of mine but always found it difficult to find fresh and exciting items that weren't of the typical 'bog standard' that you find on the high street.

I never wanted to fill my home with the ordinary, I wanted things that brought a smile to my face everytime I walked past them.  I wanted enjoyment out of my art and accessories and if I couldn't find a website that offered that to me, well, then I would make one myself. Hence the creation of Bextraordinary Prints and Homeware!!

On my website I hope to offer you something different, something extraordinary and something you will gain pleasure from for a long time ahead.

I love all the items I have listed (already own a lot of them myself) and I hope you do too.  I would love to see the prints and accessories in your homes, so please share them with me on instagram @bextraordinaryprints

Thanks so much for your interest.

Tracey x

'Beautiful items to style your home'